Leadership and Management Excellence


This e-book “Grow With Leadership and Management Excellence According To ISO-9001: 2015″ is a must-read for anyone interested in developing leadership and management skills. It combines concepts mainly practiced in ISO 9001:2015 Standards. The book is available in both eBook PDF format and EPUB formats and provides practical management tips, effective leadership strategies, and valuable insights on how to achieve continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

By systematically explaining how to implement these standards, Hasan empowers readers to reach new heights of organizational success. It’s an essential read for aspiring leaders, management enthusiasts, and those interested in quality management systems.

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Leadership and Management Excellence

According To ISO-9001: 2015    By Rakibul Hasan

The book “Grow With Leadership and Management Excellence According to ISO-9001: 2015”  Rakibul Hasan explores the intersection of management and leadership through the lens of the esteemed ISO 9001: 2015 standard. Through a unique perspective, the author explores new areas of management thinking and challenges traditional business norms. Offers practical methodologies and effective strategies to achieve continuous improvement, innovation, and excellence in any organization, all while adhering to ISO’s globally recognized standards. 

Highlights and Key Points:

Maximizing the benefits of  ISO 9001: 2015 Standards, Introduces practical tools for companies to address customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for our Quality Management System (QMS). We place great emphasis on understanding our customers’ needs, meeting their expectations, and working towards their satisfaction. 

QMS takes strong and consistent steps in delivering superior products and services, promoting ongoing progress, and most importantly, improving overall customer satisfaction. We adopt a proactive approach to minimize discrepancies and improve the customer experience. 

Leadership Excellence: The book explores the role in great depth and importance of leadership within any organization, presenting essential behaviors and mindsets for effective team leadership. 

Practical Management Concepts: Clear processes for effective decision-making and efficient resource allocation are outlined, providing accurate and pertinent concepts to clarify the complex mechanisms of successful leadership. 

Continuous Improvement: One of the fundamental aspects of ISO 9001:2015 Standards revolves around the call for continuous improvement. Hasan translates this imperative into approachable, relatable strategies that reveal how adopting a culture of regular improvement fuels organizational success. 

Customer Satisfaction: Hasan emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction in driving business success and relates this to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management principles. He elaborates key strategies to ensure your organization is customer-centric and in line with the standards. 

Leadership and Management Excellence


The book “Grow With Leadership and Management Excellence According to ISO-9001: 2015”, blends the rigid ISO standards with the flexible principles of leadership and management. 

This book is a valuable resource for individuals such as managers, leaders, students, and corporate strategists who are dedicated to building and maintaining effective quality management systems.

The principles laid out in Hasan’s book are universally applicable across industries, adding more value to its utility. Through expert articulation of concepts and thoughtful comparison of theoretical and practical ideas, Hasan leads the way toward impeccable leadership and management excellence. 

This book serves as a foundational block for those seeking to understand and implement ISO 9001:2015 Standards within their organizations or their professional lives.

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Leadership and Management Excellence Leadership and Management Excellence

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Leadership and Management Excellence


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Leadership and Management Excellence

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